Lifetime Warranty Programme 

Six good reasons for customers to be loyal
As long as the vehicle's owner doesn't change, its Sikkens finish will continue to be covered for the
lifetime of the vehicle. All six common problems are totally covered:
Cracking, Checking, Hazing, Chalking, Fading and Peeling.

How it works
Under the Lifetime Warranty Programme, a shop's painters first undergo extensive training at a Sikkens training centre. There they learn advanced refinishing techniques — from primer selection to colour matching and topcoat application. Upon graduation, the shop can offer the Lifetime Warranty. For customers, this is a solid basis for a long-standing relationship of trust with their shop. Sikkens provides shops with all necessary documentation, including ownership certificates, customer brochures and mirror tags.
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CRIC Training Centers

Our courses are taught in our own state-of-the-art ATA Accredited training centre.

Sikkens Quality System

Maximise efficiency and quality for all types of repairs.